Someone stole my Quilt

On the 6th of April my quilt Dragonfly Maiden was stolen from the Break O'Day quilters Exhibition at St Helens.
The Exhibition is run every year to fund raise for local community groups. The wonderful ladies who run this work very hard.
They are just as shocked and upset as I am that this has happened.
I created the quilt for a competition last year. The quilt was selected in the top 30 in Australia and toured around Australia and New Zealand. I had only just got it back and decided to exhibit it in Tasmania before it went to its new owner in Melbourne.
The quilt is a one of a kind and is hand painted taking me 300 hour's to complete.
I find the theft to be heart breaking and very disappointing. It has not only caused me great pain but it also has caused the ladies at the Break O'Day Group enormous stress. The quilt is not covered by my insurance and it is looking like the insurance for the group will not cover it either. the group are offering to pay me something towards covering my loss but I feel very badly about taking money that should be going to local charity. So not only did the person who stole my quilt steal from me they also stole from charity.
If you have any information in relation to the quilt could you contact your local police or myself on 0437057417 or Po Box 154 Deloraine Tas 7304